The Stables

The stables at Killala House date back approximately one hundred and twenty years and have recently undergone extensive restoration to return them to their former glory. In addition, they have been enhanced with some new and modern features. This combination of old and new help to make the stables a centre piece at the heart of this property.

The inner courtyard comprises of stabling for twenty horses. The stable yard restoration and modern design features has the care of horses at its very core. All stables have rubberised floors and walls fitted to protect the horse while stabled. There are tacking up stalls for the safe preparation of the horse for the work in hand. As with any athlete in training the after exercise care is essential and so there is designated cooling down stalls for horses fitted with drinkers for immediate rehydration. This feature in conjunction with a fully rubberised wash bay with warm and cold water jets provides the necessary washing and cooling regime for horses after training exercises.

The tack and feed rooms are located centrally within the stables to allow for ease of feeding and the regular maintenance and care of all equestrian equipment. The upstairs of the stables has been designed and set out for accommodation for jockeys and stable staff. This accommodation includes a locker and shower room, sleeping quarters and a fully equipped canteen. The vast array of facilities at the stables highlights the attention to detail seen in all facets of the property at Killala House and the willingness to cater for the all-round needs of the horse, rider and stable staff retained at this impressive facility.

The Gallops

The gallop facility at Killala House Stables is considered by many as state of the art. It comprises of many features that aim to provide a fully rounded training regime for race horses. Nestled at the back of Killala House is an eight-furlong polytrack gallop. This track features a section of straight, a steady incline followed by an easy decline and varying degrees of corners to ensure the horse can be educated on all features found at competitive tracks.

The gallop is fitted with its own set of starting stalls which facilitates the necessary training for flat horses to be competent in starting from stalls at the race course. Within the centre section of the gallop further training facilities reside. Firstly, a six horse walker that provides a safe enclosed area for horses to be walked for set times during their working day. This is an excellent way of warming up or cooling down a working horse. Secondly, in close proximity to the walker a lunge pin has been erected to provide an ideal and safe facility for lunging young horses in the infancy of their training programme. They will soon progress to the polytrack and will do so in confidence knowing their surroundings from their earlier experience in the lunging facility. The amenities at Killala House Stables are greatly augmented by their close proximity to many miles of beaches for further training and of course the restorative properties of the Atlantic sea.

The last and certainly not the least of the facilities at Killala House Stables are the designated grazing paddocks within the confines of the track. Horses are grazing animals and benefit greatly from picking on fresh green grass grown at Killala House Stables.